Join Us
Streator is well known for outstanding volunteership and this may be our biggest volunteer undertaking to date. Help is needed in every shape and size, from making a meal for a day weary group of artists to donating a package of Sharpies -- everyone has an opportunity to be a part of creating this unforgettable occasion for our town.
Come along with us as we bring our walls to life.

Lend Equipment

We would prefer the equipment to be dropped off or picked up by a Mural Fest Volunteer no later than June 15th, 2018. Drop-off location is yet to be determined. If you have equipment to lend or other items to donate, please contact Tara Bedei at 815-674-4349 or at

Small Ladders

2 to 3 step
Need 10+

Bench Ladder

Any size
Need 15+

Multipurpose Ladder

Any size
Need 10+

Folding Ladder

Any size
Need 15+

Extension Ladders

Any size
Need 10+

Scaffolding Sets

Various size
Need 10+ sets

Tall Scaffolding

Various sizes
Need 4+ sets

Scissor Lifts

Small & large
Need 5+

Aerial/Boom Lifts

Need 1-3

Ladder Planks

Multiple sizes 4' to 15'
Need 15+

Pop Up Tents

All sizes
Need 15+

Heavy Drop Cloths

Canvas or heavy plastic-all sizes
Need 20+

Heavy Tarps

Various sizes needed
Need 15+

Folding and non-folding Tables

Various sizes
Need 15+

Coolers for Ice and Water

Prefer 48 qt
Need 15+


Digital and transparency

Outdoor Extension Cords

25' and longer
Need 20+

Garbage Cans/Barrels

55 gallon size
Need 10-15


Any length
Need 5-10

Flood Lights

Preferably on stands
Need 15+

Power Strips

Weatherproof preferably
Need 15+

Picnic Tables

Any kind
Need 10-15


Folding chairs
Need 25+

Folding Easels

Portable easels for art auction
Need 10+


After you've submitted your general info here, you'll have the opportunity to sign up for dates, times and functions suited to your schedule and interests. Review instructions and follow the link you'll see after you hit Submit. Thank you for your interest and welcome aboard!
*Please fill out a separate form for each volunteer*

Host a Walldog

Walldogs artists are grateful for families opening their homes and welcoming them during this event.

  • Artists will have limited "free time" to spend with host families.
  • Late nights and early mornings are commonplace for artists.
  • Artists will welcome quiet down time after a long day of physical labor.
  • We request host homes be air conditioned.
  • Some homes need to accomodate up to 3 members of a Walldog family as well as doubles and singles.
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner and snacks are provided by the Walldog Food Committee.
  • Artists may require refrigerator space at their host home for beverages.
*Please select the option that applies to you. Those who have selected multiple rooms will be contacted for further info.